Chimney repair and cleaning

Chimneys sit on top of our houses ignored and unattended till one day, soot comes down, ruining everything on its way out and by then it’s too late. You now need a new chimney and renovations that cost a fortune. It’s just the way doctors say it: Prevention is easier than treatment. Experts say, get your chimney repaired and cleaned on time and it’ll be all good.

On time cleaning:

What do they mean by “on time”, you may ask? Well, that clearly depends on how much you use your fireplace. On average, a chimney needs to be checked and cleaned at least once a year. There is no hard and fast rule for the time, though. So you might want to know how to figure out when to clean up. More often than not, the incomplete burning of wood leads to the production of creosote. This leads to the emitting of tar vapours accompanied by a smoky fire. These tar vapours stick to the inside of your chimney. Just check your chimney for this stickiness. If you want to opt for a less messy way, shine a torch in, and it’ll reflect slightly. This is the biggest clue for your cleaning call.

Removing animals:

Sometimes, animals like racoons tend to nest in your chimney. You don’t want to kill an innocent animal and burn its house down just because it found a comfy empty spot. Hire a chimney care specialist and have them safely removed. For a more humanitarian approach, hire from an animal-friendly company that will help relocate the animal rather than putting it down.

Flue repairing:

A flue is a duct or an opening in a chimney that removes chimney to the outside. This is where the creosote sticks. Over time, your flue might get clogged or damaged. It is safer to have it cleaned on time rather than having to pay more for repairs.

Firebox Repair:

Fireboxes are the place where you build your fire. As time goes by, its bricks lose due to the constant excessive exposure to heat. The bricks of your firebox keep excessive heat from starting fires. Quick repairs can keep you safe from fire damage.


Tuckpointing is a process used to replace and remove the mortar between the bricks or blocks of your chimney. The old mortar is replaced by new and given a texture matching the original. Of course, a hundred percent match is not guaranteed, but they usually get pretty close. This provides a strong waterproof joint, extending chimney life.

Crown and cap repair:

The chimney top helps keep out rain, debris, and animals like racoons, rats, moles and various birds. Copper and steel caps can be installed or repaired as per needed.



Water leaking in can cause major disasters, resulting in you having to pay big sums for masonry work. Waterproofing not only saves you the cost, but it is also pretty cheap too. It elongates your chimney’s life and makes it more durable.



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