The best Chimney Repairs in Seattle

The Romans brought this revolution in this world to clean the chimneys efficiently since they are no less important element in house comparatively to other attention seeker stuff.

The most eminent, best chimney repair centre is Mad Hatter Chimney Sweeps. It is located in Seattle, WA, and provide extraordinary customer service in greater Seattle area. The company`s workers travel through various places( King Country, WA from Shoreline to Federal Way) just to advertise their talent and outcome appear in the form of customers, belonging from different places, becoming habitual to their work.

“Mad Hatter“ has done an abundance of work in form servicing over 10,000 chimneys in the Seattle area. They are looking for high skilled training to witness themselves shine in the world. It hopefully would lead them to retain experience to deal with high cases more business-like.

Services include

  • Chimney sweeping.
  • Chimney checking.
  • Troubleshooting your chimney system.
  • Masonry Chimney and Fireplace Repairs.
  • Chimney and fireplace Reclining.
  • Renovations and restorations.
  • Chimney leak inspections.
  • Stove sales.

In other words, this company protects and keeps keen eyes towards the things that are out of order in the house ( especially things related to Chimney).



Along with all the educations, they all are eager to keep their intellectual level high as they are enchanted to enhance their knowledge by assimilating industry technique, products and safety practices. On account of this, they have more chances to serve their neighbours in King Country, WA.  

Proper dryer maintenance plays a big part. Clothes dryer are responsible for some 15000 fires annually, and the majority of them could have been avoided by inspections and cleanings.


Mad Hatter Chimney Sweeps, LLC is the pundit of Masonry/ Concrete and Chimney Sweeps, serves Seattle and the area which is nearer to it. As the list drops, the companies` responses to costumers get slow. This company responses within almost 3 years, and is the evidence for this fact. Professional, knowledgeable and beautiful work is being done by this company`s workers. The workmanship is quite managed and organised. They send both an email reminder before the appointment and an email invoice afterwards. Additionally, final price happens to be less than the estimated cost.

People have rated it 5 stars and described their work using an optimistic approach. The study says, this company`s workers come out twice in the past two years, do a thorough inspection, assess the chimney and clean it. The second time the workers didn`t charge the service. That’s the impressive tactics business men apply to attract customers and adding to surprise; they do successfully in their plan.

One can visit them at Service Area Page.



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